Mechanical ability and knowledge
One year experience in maintenance or inspection of amusement equipment
Ability and desire for domestic and international travel
Ability to follow established protocol and prepare written reports
Ability to work independently with clients
Physically fit, ability to climb, rappel and work comfortably at heights
Ability to apply codes and standards to equipment and facilities
A person of integrity with high moral character
Pass drug screening and background check


NAARSO, AIMS, AWS (CWI) certifications
CSP or ASQ certification
Proficient with Word, Excel, Access, AutoCAD, Igor, Matlab, HTML, PHP, ASP
Working knowledge of ASTM F24, IBC, NFPA, NEC, ASNT, OSHA

Send resume, references and salary requirements to:
Recreation Engineering Inc.
300 N. Lynx Creek Rd.
Prescott, AZ 86303
Recreation Engineering is an engineering firm dedicated to providing the highest quality testing and inspection for amusement rides and related equipment with a focus on safety and emphasis on integrity and accountability. Recreation Engineering has positions open for highly motivated and energetic persons who can work well with people and machinery. REI is looking for individuals to inspect and test amusement rides and entertainment-related equipment.

Successful candidates will meet or exceed the following qualifications:
Employment Opportunities
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