Recreation Engineering concentrates in three areas for testing. Amusement ride accelerometry (bio-dynamic testing) and acceptance testing.

Accelerometry is used to measure the G-Forces imparted by the ride to the rider. These accelerations are studied and compared to industry criteria to assure guest comfort and safety. REI collects acceleration, velocity and position data for all types of rides. Our equipment and methods can pinpoint track imperfections for locating areas that require special attention.

Acceleration data is also gathered on a periodic basis and subsequent data sets are compared to a "base line" data set. This comparison assists in indicating maintenance related dynamic profile changes over time.

For over 20 years, REI's president and professional engineer was chairman of the Biodynamic Task Group for the ASTM F24 Committee on Amusement Rides and Devices.

Acceptance Testing:
REI has developed test programs for new rides and new ride installations. Various jurisdictions, whether they are state, county or city, require that amusement rides pass acceptance tests before operation permits are issued. REI produces acceptance testing programs and test protocols for rides to meet these jurisdictional requirements.

Acceleration Measurement
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